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Wilson Albers & Company: About Us


Our Story, Mission, & Values

Our Story

The Wilson Agency has been serving Alaska since 1964, and has provided over 50 years of service across the state’s industries and geography. Our President and managing partner, Lon Wilson, purchased the company from his father, Don Wilson. Under Lon’s leadership, the company has continued to grow and develop our service offerings to ensure we remain competitive and innovative for years to come.  Through an acquisition of Albers & Company, The Wilson Agency expanded into Tacoma, Washington in 2015, making us one of the largest employee benefit firms in the Pacific Northwest. The Wilson Agency has also opened a subsidiary, ConnectHR, focused on providing strategic hands-on HR support to local businesses. Together, our family of three companies has over 40 full-time employees and provides advisory services to clients that range from small businesses to large companies.

We Are A Family Of Companies

In Tacoma, we are Albers & Company. In Alaska, we are The Wilson Agency, and Alera ConnectHR provides valuable services to all.

We Continuously Adapt & Innovate

We have continuously adapted and innovated our service offerings to provide our clients with unparalleled resources in managing their workforce. We don’t just give you a piece of the puzzle, we help you bring the whole thing together.

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Our Mission

Over the years, we have changed and evolved alongside our clients, but our commitment and due diligence to ensure clients receive exceptional customer service has never changed. We stand by our mission, to empower people to lead a life of significance, in everything we do. We aim to exemplify the spirit of a service industry in every aspect of our conduct. To achieve this, we prioritize:

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Service To Our Customers

That they may experience the same success we do in business with a partner that is competent, dynamic, ethical, conscientious, grateful, & fun

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Service To Our Community

In which we live, through active volunteer and civic involvement, financial support of worthy community organizations, and contributing to the collective wellness of our society

Service To Our Organization

The entity that provides us the opportunity to make a living in a meaningful and important way

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Service To Each Other

One of the most impactful ways to lead a life of significance Service to Each Other – so that we become the compassionate, patient, caring people it is our desire to be

Unquestionable Integrity

To undertake decisions and work with honesty and integrity, working in the best interest of the client, their constituents, and the agency

Dedication to Excellence

To provide the best products and service available in the most resourceful way possible

Caring For People, Family, Community

 To understand and respond quickly to other’s needs with care and consideration

Celebrate With Fun & Laughter

To have fun in work and play, to celebrate life in good times and bad, and to share laughs with our fellow travelers along the way

Lifelong Learning

To continually improve ourselves that we may contribute to the greater good of our customers, our company and our community. Headquartered in Alaska, we have firsthand knowledge and experience with the healthcare landscape, trends, and market in our state

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