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Alera Group Acquires Wilson Albers & Company, LLC

Wilson Albers & Company, LLC announces its acquisition by Alera Group, LLC on February 1, 2018, forming Wilson Albers, an Alera Group Company, LLC. Wilson Albers & Company, LLC was the parent company of The Wilson Agency, LLC (Alaska), Albers & Company, Inc. (Washington) and ConnectHR, LLC (Alaska and Washington).

For over 50 years, Wilson Albers & Company, LLC and its subsidiaries have provided Alaska and Washington companies with complete employer services through employee benefits, retirement, and human resources service lines. Wilson Albers has always prided itself on living and being an example of their core values of integrity, excellence, compassion, lifelong learning and finding joy in the journey, to which it attributes its success as one of the largest and fastest growing employer services firms in the region.

Alera Group was formed in late 2016 and is made up of more than 30 independent benefit and insurance companies focused on employee benefits, property and casualty, risk management and wealth management. Alera Group is one of the nation’s foremost independent insurance agencies and privately-held employee benefits firms. The company’s corporate office is located in Deerfield, IL, with member firms and locations throughout the United States.

Wilson Albers is excited about this opportunity to be a part of a national company that shares the same passion for innovation and collaboration, while elevating the outcomes provided to each client. The firm looks forward to maintaining local, independent relationships while growing as a national competitor. As an Alera Group company, Wilson Albers & Company will continue to do business as The Wilson Agency, Albers & Company and ConnectHR and be personally engaged with the local community, as they have done for over half a century, and expand upon our services offering – exceeding our competition.

Lon Wilson, Wilson Albers’ CEO, states, “Our journey does not end here, in fact we are only embarking on a new chapter that will help us continue our mission and dedication to the community and clients. The Wilson Agency and Albers & Company have been industry leaders for over 50 years, encouraging our staff and clients to ‘lead a life of significance.’ Alera Group has a very similar devotion to clients and community. Being a part of this organization strengthens our capabilities while sharing our values and supporting our mission. We are extremely excited that we are still your local provider but now having the backing and additional expertise to draw on from a national scope.”

Wilson Albers employs over 40 people in Alaska and Washington, and serves more than 450 clients through its retirement, employee benefits, and human resources service lines.  


About Alera Group

Based in Deerfield, IL, Alera Group’s over 900 employees serve more than 20,000 clients nationally in employee benefits, property and casualty, risk management and wealth management. Alera Group was created by merging 24 high-performing, entrepreneurial firms across the U.S. It is the 14th largest independent insurance agency and the 7th largest independent employee benefits firm in the country. For more information, visit www.aleragroup.com or follow Alera Group on Twitter: @AleraGroupUS.

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